Environment Health Sector

Biological Agents

Biological agents are live microorganisms or toxins that can incapacitate or kill humans and animals, and damage crops. Biological warfare is the most economical and easily concealed of the weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical and nuclear).

One of the most insidious aspects of biological agents is their extraordinary potential for covert use. Biological agents are undetectable by the human senses and can be readily released from stand off distances. Clinical symptoms usually do not appear for days to a week or more after an attack. Since the biological agent attack may not be detected, initial cases of exposure may not be attributed to it. This would make it extremely difficult to adequately respond to exposure of a large number of people and to identify the culprits. One disadvantage to the use of biological agents is that many are rapidly degraded upon exposure to certain conditions in the environment, such as ultraviolet and visible radiation, heat, drying or humidity.

BA Consulting produces important solutions to decrease affects of biological agents for Turkish Public Institutions. Our solutions are in the field of decreasing effects of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungis and toxins.

We have some products specialized for some products decreasing the effects of below biological agents:Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of the plague, has the potential to inflict epidemics.Aillus anthracis (anthrax) spores can contaminate soil for decades. Toxins can take effect within hours and most are more deadly than the synthesized chemical nerve agents.

Salmonella typhii which produces symptoms similar to that of food poisoning.

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