About Us

BA Conuslting is established for technology transfer, localization of technology, bring together Turkish and foreign investors and for offering Turkish Goods and services properly to the world market.

The main sectors of BA Consulting are agricultural sector, health sector, environmental health sector, energy sector and real estate sector.

In agricultural sector, we make agricultural technology import, livestock feasibility works, organic fertilizing, sheep and cattle farm management, production of animal drugs, production of Hygiene Materials and Supplies Equipment for animals and pets,

In health sector, our main areas are hospital feasibility, establishment, licensing and operation, pharmaceutical production, licensing, marketing and distribution, food reagent production, licensing, marketing and distribution, medical consumables production, marketing and distribution.

In energy sector, we have focused on the installation and operation of biogas plants in the the installation and operation of garbage gas plants, and the installation and operation of cogeneration facilities.

In the real estate sector, buying, selling, renting and valuing of land are our main works. In environmental health sector, we are focused on sustainablity agriculture, production and prevention of biological agents and production of biocidals.


  • Hospital Building and Operations
  • Medical
  • Nutritional Production
  • Medical Production

  • Energy

  • Biogas Production
  • Coogeneration/Combined Heat and Power(CHP)
  • Cogeneration Facilities Installation and operation

  • Real Estate

  • Establishing of Real Estate

  • Agriculture & Farming

  • Agriculture Equipments Import
  • Farm Feasibility
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Süt Sığırı
  • Animal Health Productions
  • Hygiene and Supplies for Animals and Equipment
  • Agriculture Technology

  • Environmental Health

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Biological Agents
  • Biocidal

  • BA Consulting