Cogeneration Facilities Installation and Operation

BA Consulting provides technologies for the treatment of municipal solid waste and sludge. Its waste-to-energy (WTE) plants use advanced technology solutions to generate green energy from waste and help in landfill diversion by as much as 90% through reduction in the volume of waste disposed, thereby maximising the value of waste streams and minimising the environmental impact.

One of the first our plants in Sivas to achieve commercial operation, the Divriği Plant can process approximately 120,000 tonnes of waste per year. The facility exports approximately 7.6 MW of electricity to the grid during summer, while during winter, it supplies 17.5 MW of thermal energy to Divriği's district heating and exports 6.1 MW of electricity to the grid. BA Consulting was part of a consortium, including BA Construction, one of Turkey's largest construction companies, and Turkish energy company, BA Energy Inc, that won the TR 333 million Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract awarded by Divriği’s municipal solid waste management company in 2015.

BA Consulting supplied its proprietary waste-to-energy technology, including its air-cooled grate and vertical boiler, which are designed to achieve efficient energy recovery and operational reliability, to the facility. The plant also features an Incineration Bottom Ash handling system that extracts ferrous, non-ferrous and aggregate for recycling and a fly ash solidification plant.

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