Gayrimenkul Sektörü

As BA Consultancy, we serve in the construction and real estate sectors which is one of the fast growing sectors of our country for providing land for usage of the agricultural and industrial companies. Within the scope of the project of the land providing, we also assist firms that we work together for the construction of the buildings and facilities for providing necessary expertise of the labor force.

Our company provides consultancy support to the firm that works together with the purchase of necessary documents and permits as well as the supply of land and buildings.

Another mission of our company in the real estate sector is to provide the logistics of various construction materials needed both in public projects and private sector projects and to provide various construction and building materials products from abroad.

BA Consulting also realize land providing and construction projects of the other BA Group Companies. From now on, BA Consulting finished many bioenergy and recycling plants for producing electrical energy.

BA Consulting