Nutritional Production

BA Consulting produces a vertically intergrated nutritional products business that aims to help people live healthier lives by developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing health food products and nutritional and dietary supplements in Turkey. It is a well-established business with a long operating history since 2009 and a strong growth profile.

BA Consulting owns and operates a GMP certified manufacturing site located in Ankara in Central Anatolia District. The manufacturing facilities, warehouse, R&D and affiliated offices, occupying approximately 27,666 square meters of floor area, are all located at this site. BA Consulting manufactures its health food and nutritional and dietary supplements in forms of lozenge, powder, tablets, capsules, granules, bottles and sachets. 

BA Consulting adopts a market-oriented research and product development process, focusing on evolving consumer health trends in the Turkish Market such as antioxidant, sports nutrition, aging population, fertility and children’s health. Its in-house R&D team comprise of 21 employees with bachelor degree or higher qualifications coupled with experience in food science, biotechnology, nutrition or pharmacy. BA Consulting has established and maintained research arrangements with a number of research institutions and universities in Turkey including Ankara University, a top 10 university in Turkey.

BA Consulting continuously develops new products to meet consumer needs. Product candidates are complementary to and will enrich the BA Consulting’s existing product portfolio. BA Consulting has a wide selection of products to cater for different nutritional needs and health requirements of consumers, including natural herb based nutritional products. Furthermore, BA Consulting will provide high-end nutritional supplements originated in Turkey, which not only offers a variety of choices of imported nutritional supplements, but also contributes to a high-quality, healthy lifestyle that consumers may pursue. BA Consulting targets to be the one-stop-shop to cater for each family’s nutrition needs.

BA Consulting has established an extensive sales and distribution network and sells its products to turkey and Middle East. Having an extensive network of distributors has enabled BA Consulting to cost-effectively market its products across Turkey benefiting from economies of scale and efficiencies in the distribution of its products.

BA Consulting