ORGANIC Fertilizer

Investment Feasibility of Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

We, As BA Conuslting, contribute to developing agriculture and livestock sectors of our country with its' modern production techniques. Cattle, ovine, poultry, fish feeds and other special feeds are produced with advanced technology in the feed production facility of the company which is located in Ankara.

The bovine fertilizers occurring due to livestock activities of the company are processed without making environmental pollution and plants as to which fertilizers are transformed to organic fertilizers to be trustfully used in both organic agriculture and all kinds of agricultural production are continuing their activities since 2001 as one of the rare planning of the world in its field and is maintaining the specialty of being the first organic fertilizer plant making production with high technology.  Our organic fertilizers production brings into the quality and natural fertilizers into our agriculture since 10. With suggestions of our farmers adapting Biofarm Organic Fertilizer as a standard ensuring yield increaser in agriculture Biofarm Organic Fertilizer usage is showing increase every passing day. Thus for consume of our country’s human away from chemicals and extremely healthy agricultural crops are grown, at the same time maintenance of agriculture is provided in barren agricultural lands with extreme chemical fertilizers.

If needs to shortly introduce the organic fertilizer production methods of the company bovine cattle fertilizers daily collected from their own plant is subjected to a series of biocycle programming to be used as a raw material.  Natural fertilizers processed with special fermentation techniques for a period of 2 months in total 30.000 m2 closed composting plants are transformed to extremely humus and are concentrated. During this pre process transaction which is named composting, microorganism activation is incited by providing controlled conditions and organic compositions at complex form are split by biocycle method and the structure is provided and the humic acid concentration is increased. At the same time the fermentation bacteria’s are storing extremely useful microbiological soil yeast potential by taking place in the fertilizer in dormant form.

Every stage of these fertilizers prepared in extremity improved laboratory analyses established within the plant with being subject to quality controls are waited in raw material store houses for 2-3 months to precipitate to stable shape by being sifted and dried The primary usage of these areas are greenhouses and field vegetable plants, fruit trees, field plants, seedbeds as well as grass areas in the gardens of our homes; it has been the most preferential organic fertilizer of ornamental plants and landscaping.

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